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Although we are open to acquisition through various strategies, we have seen the short sale market be the most beneficial.  We are now focused on contracting on as many short sale properties as the market can support, and have an excellent track record of closing on time.  Due to the high amount of transactions we have already completed, we can counsel and help guide in the negotiating process.  We frequently recommend a professional negotiating service, and finding a reliable one that will suit your needs is one of the most important decisions a real estate can make in this industry.  Not all negotiators are built equal, so be careful in choosing who you work with.
If you are the listing agent on the property, we will work directly with you to structure the deal how you would like it to look, and are open to suggestions you may have.  Our research team can make an evaluation within hours, which benefits you by not having to wait around.  The company has extensive experience and knowledge of the differing Sacramento markets, and we have owned property in just about every sub-market here.  This allows us to make an educated decision with basic knowledge of the property and condition.  Most times we do not have to see the property in order to submit an offer.

Who Is MNB Development Inc?

Quality You Can Trust

Our company relies on the golden rule, to treat others as you would like to be treated.  This applies to materials and finishes used, as well as the design of the properties on both the interior and exterior.  By creating a quality product that families will enjoy for many years to come, we believe it is benefiting the communities by moving in higher qualified occupants that will benefit those around them.

Serving California

Products of Interest

Although we are open to rentals as well as larger acquisitions under the right circumstances, we have a preference for single family homes that can be resold for a profit.  Depending on the purchase price the condition, location, and size of the home would not matter.
For most homes with 1 bathroom we would consider doing an addition, and we have experience expanding homes as well as building new.
We are also in process of acquiring lots and land in strategic growth locations.
Many of our recent acquisitions have been newer homes (2000 year built and up) which may not require much or any work.  However we always believe a fresh coat of paint as well as updated flooring, granite counter-tops  and bathroom remodels go a long way.
We prefer to stay below $450,000 purchase price but may be able to do larger homes under the right circumstances.

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